All treatments are available for partial or full body treatments... You decide..

To help you relax you will experience a cleanse with the appropriate milk or aromatherapy cleanse, through exfoliation, relaxing massage, mask, spot treatment (if needed) and needed moisturizer.....  AHHHHH...are you ready to relax?  

Description of Body Treatments

Jewel of the Amazon Chocolate Wrap:

In need of a chocolate escape? This is your chocolate mudslide! You will escape to the aroma of cocoa. Cocoa helps to stimulate the secretion of the body's own pick-me-up,dopamine and protect the vessels of the skin for genuine skin protections.

Now you can relax and protect the skin at the same time.

Detox Eifel Moore / Seaweed Wrap :

This is a GREAT detoxifying treatment for the body. Moor(Peat Moss) or Seaweed is used to not only relax but aslo contribute to combating aging and enhance your health. You just relax and allow this treatment to penetrate into the skin and help re-establish your skins PH , increase your blood flow, purify and tone your skin all over. 

See you when you wake up to inches gone!

Algae  Wrap:

Do you need a soothing and relaxing experience? This treatment is designed to moisturize and add to the suppleness of the epidermis. Algae helps to firm, hydrate and add a protections barrier to the skin you are in. YES!!! your skin will love you for this one.

Anti-aging Green Tea Wrap:

Tea for two..just for YOU..Green Tea is good from head to toe. It helps with your anti-aging, wrinkles and tighter skin. However, it is good for skin disorders such as psoriasis, rosacea, acne, warts as well as sun blemishes. You will then start to experience that vibrant younger feeling skin from head to toe.

 Add on Services 

Lipo Cavitation / RF Light Therapy

Ampoule, Mesotherapy,Parafin Wax 

Peel Off Mask, Fleece Mask, Thermal Mask 

Aromatherapy, Pore Cleansing, Hot Stones 

**All Treatments are Customizable**

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