MOM'S BASIC/ORGANIC FACIAL :                 30 Min-$40.00      60Min-$65.00        

This is the PERFECT place to start with you skin care regiment. This facial gives you a little pampering and guidance to help enhance your natural beauty. In this treatement you will experinece a detailed consultation to help you understand your skin. Now that you better understand your skin type and what it needs you can choose the treatment that best fits your skin care needs

MOM'S MANLY FACIAL:                                     30MIN-$45.00      60MIN-$65.00

For the manly man skincare is very important to protect against free radicals and daily abuse. This treatment is customized to meet the individual needs of man. If you are the man that cares for the skin that you are in, this treatment is for you. You will  enjoy the opportunity to relax and experience a basic or aggressive skin care treatment that will assist in you natural cell rejuvenation.

MOM'S ANTIAGING FACIAL:                            60MIN-$65.00       90MIN-$120.00

Is life taking its tool on your skin and affecting the way you see yourself daily? Do not despair, you have the help you need and will enjoy. The treatment will restore the resilience, freshness and vitality that you have been looking for. You will experience a highly effective customized procedure that will help to revitalize, plump and refresh your skin inside and out. Invest in a series of treatments and you will be so happy you invested in YOU!

MOM'S PURIFYING FACIAL:                            60MIN-$65.00        90MIN- $110.00

What's happening to my skin? Is it Acne, blackheads, whiteheads or hormonal breakout?...There is a treatment for that! This treatment is good for all age groups. Here you will receive extra cleansing of your pores so that you skin can breathe. Not only will you love the skin you are in but your skin will in return love you. 

MOM'S EUROPEAN FACIAL:                            60MIN-$65.00        90MIN-$110.00

This is a totally relaxation facial that will take you away for the duration of the treatment. In this treatment you will initially have your skin analyzed to determine your skin type. After this, off you go, just relax and enjoy  the extensive European facial massage, eye treatment and facial mask that are designed to relax and encourage cell stimulation. 

MOM'S FRUITY FACIAL:                                   50MIN-$65.00

What's your flavor?..strawberry, banana, chocolate, pumpkin or lemon? This fun fruity facial is customized just for you. Enjoy and relax as your skin soak in the nourishment form the fruit or fruits of you choice. AHHHHH....What a sweet treat! (The treatment must be booked in advanced due to customization and organic products used.


MOM'S CUSTOMIZED 6 LAYER SIGNATURE:                                       90MIN- $150.00

Escape and enjoy a customized 6 Layer facial that not only targets areas of concern but enrich your skin so that it refreshed and sparkling. 

RED CARPET  KOMBUCHKA  FACIAL:                                                   60MIN- $85.00

Is your special event happening soon? Need a quick face lift without the surgery? This treatment gives the lifting and tightening that you need for that special event. You just relax and a let the treatment do it's job. 

DR. SACHER ROYALTY FACIAL:                                                            90MIN - $250.00

Treat yourself and your skin to royalty, this signature facial will deliver to your skin some of the finest, purest ingredients to help increase the resilience, firmness and restore the strength that your skin has been looking for. Experience total royalty for yourself. 


SINGLE PEELS  :                                                  45MIN-$55.00 & up 

Mom's peel selection start at powder enzyme and advance to the strongest depending on the needs of your skin. Peels are included in all packages and can be added to basic services for an additional charge. 

EYE TREATMENT:                                                30MIN - $35.00 

Get relief for your tired puffy eyes with this single treatment, you will also be educated on how to care for you eyes daily to increase your results. This treatment is offered as a package and is included in most advanced treatments. 

LIP VOLUMIZING TREATMENT                        20MIN- $30.00

Do you desire moist, hydrate and luscious lips? Try this treatment and find out how to keep those luscious lips that you always wanted.                                     

FACIAL MASSAGE:                                            30MIN-$45.00  

Come escape and enjoy a little rest and relaxation during this facial massage. It all about the pleasure of defying gravity and keeping your facial muscles nice and firm.                













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